Natural Instinct raw dog food and raw cat food uses human-grade meat and nutritious vegetables. The choice of award-winning dog breeders.

  • NI Playbones Large Quick View
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      NI Playbones Large Quick View
    • NI Playbones Large

    • DESCRIPTION Large knuckle bones are ideal for dogs of all sizes. Great for keeping any dog entertained for hours! The knuckles are great for gnawing and the marrow in the bone shaft is a delicious treat that every dog can access. Please ensure you select the right size bone for your dog. All dogs should be supervised when feeding a…
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  • NI Chicken & Tripe WD 1kg Quick View
    • NI Chicken & Tripe WD 1kg Quick View
    • NI Chicken & Tripe WD 1kg

    • Description This is a very popular recipe within this range. Most dogs seem to love green tripe, so this product can be an excellent way to get an otherwise fussy dog to eat. Developed specifically for working dogs with an extra shot of vitamin C, this recipe helps support a healthy immune system and maintain healthy ligaments and joints. Ingredients…
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  • NI Zoolac 15ml Quick View
    • NI Zoolac 15ml Quick View
    • NI Zoolac 15ml

    • DESCRIPTION Natural Instinct ZooLac Propaste is administered when: An improved digestion or a more stable intestinal flora is required. In new situations such as stress, during transport, changes to feed, as a supplement for uncomplicated diarrhoea, etc. For restoring the intestinal health e.g after or together with antibiotic treatment. Can also be used preventively. It is a natural product and…
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